Why you should say NO to 'Create a free Website'

By Aayushi Soni

With growing competition in every field, it is essential to understand that for your business survival and expansion you need to have proper marketing techniques to reach out to your targeted audience. You should provide meaningful content with reliable service or product to your customers all over the globe for which website is must-have in every small business to a well established one. There are many advantages of having a website but it is very important to understand that it can work in both ways sometimes it can be a blessing or a curse to your business.

Many freelancers & start-up companies are ready to develop your website for free.

Many people around you who are your friend, relative, or colleague who somehow know about developing a website and they will always insist you that “Let me do a favor” I will design a website for your business at very minimal cost or for free! It may seem fascinating at a time but why you want to take this risk and showcase it globally that you are greedy enough to compromise in your own business.

Compromising on your quality:-

  • Website will speak out for your business and about your work ethics, it is a must-have for your business but have you ever thought what an impact a bad website can create for your business.
  • A poor quality website is the result of a lack of awareness and greed to save money and as it represents you and your work globally, however, you yourself are digging a hole for you to fall in it.
  • Instead of trusting your brand and getting more sales because of the website, now your shabbily designed website will leave a bad impression on your clients and they are directly going to judge you.
  • “If you could not work on yourself and your business then how you could deliver the great service or product” – unfortunately, the very first thought they will have.
  • You may not get a good rank on Google’s first page because your friend might not have worked for page speed or the meaningful content which displays on your website. Instead of getting traffic on a website that will generate sales for you, now clients are not able to find you on the web or are losing interest in your service or product as they are not developing trust in you virtually.

Effects of Poorly designed websites:-

  1. Getting too many ads on your website which will distract your clients and they are naturally inclined to go on that ad and surf more about them. Your whole purpose of the website is to sell your brand to customers not to promote someone’s irrelevant ads. Your targeted customers won’t take you seriously if banners, links, and ad pop up to hinder them from interacting freely with your website.
  2. Your poorly designed website may not deliver the exact idea to your Customers and that will kill the brand’s professionalism. In which they tend to move to your competition just because you didn’t invest in your website and now they are misunderstanding your concept and business.
  3. You have passion and priority for your business but do your friend who is designing your website for you have the same passion for developing your business? Who would have that level of passion and persistence with little money or no money? It will result in low quality and once google updates their algorithm your competitor who has invested in a good website may be ahead of you when searched on the web.
  4. Your website should be linked with your social media and they should take you to that social media platform when searched, so your web page should be linked properly for your customers to get the awareness of your updates, sales, or anything. If your developer misses out this step or is unable to do it properly then it might be a problematic situation for you and your business.

In a nutshell, if you are interested in growing your business, take the help of professionals who are in this field and who have complete knowledge of website development and have an understanding of your business that you want to deliver to your customers. Your little greed can cause you great loss while your little investment in your website can do wonders.